My Current Project

My current project is to see whitch of my bots learn better. Here are the links. Go to the site and chat away. Come back later to see how they changed.
bot 1
bot 2
bot 3
bot 4

Final Results

Well I have reached over A thousand vistors on my site so here are my ending results. These bots will continue to stay running and I will continue not messing with there brains. I think I will rename them but. If you have any naming idease please contact me in my forum. Note: remember all the info in these bot's brains was put there by other people talking to them.

Bot Brain Usage Conversation notes
1 To many to count by hand. Reaponds well, except for now and again. This type of brain will start off a little bumpy but as soon as it gets a little bit of base knowledge you can't slow him down.
2 To many to count by hand. Become better, responds more often, radomizes itself. Because of the limited, yet not completely empty knowledge base for this brain, the conversation will often become quite random and scare vistiters away. Use caution when using this brain.
3 To many to count by hand. Moves a little better, still boring. Coming soon.
4 Way, To many to count by hand. Moves along at a smooth pace. Interesting. learns extremely well. Learns extemely fast, sometimes it learns so fast it confuses itself.

reavealing the brains.

The purpose of this project was to discover what type of brain to use when creating an ultrahal bot for the use of learning. Go to the preceding link and setup an account to make your own ultrahal bot. Here are my suggestions on each of the brains.
Learning bot 1: This is a great brain for your learning bot. You will however need to give it some sort of base knowledge to help move things along a little faster, but once that is done be ready for an explosian of knowledge.
Learning bot 2: This brain is not reccomended for a good learning bot. It seems to cause the bot to give a completley random answer to any question asked. If you would like your users to stay to chat with your bot, don't use this brain, unless you want a random bot.
Learning bot 3: >In order to display these results, I will need a few more lenthy conversations with this bot. This ensures that I get the correct information to you.
Learning bot 4: This brain is my recemendation for a good learning bot. It learns so fast that it is hard to keep up with in some cases. Because of this, this type of brain may need much maintanence to filter out what is not needed. If you use this brain, prepare for long hours on the computer if you have many visiters.

How to: If you wish to change the type of brain your bot uses, log into your bots control panel, click account options, then choose the brain that works best for you. Be sure to have learning turned on if you want your bot to have this capability or immitate this project.
note: if you check your options again and notice that they have not changed after you click "save changes", do not fear the changes will take effect, you just won't be able to view them on the account option page.
Bot 1 does not use zabawares brain at all(option 1).
Bot 2 uses simple conversation functions(option 2).
Bot 3 uses the full Zabaware brain without the cheat function(option 3).
Bot 4 uses the full Zabaware brain with the cheat function(option 4).
* all bots have learning enabled.
If you have any questions, please write to me in my forum, thank-you.
Note to all: I need an idea for a new project now, If you have something AI related you would like me to research please drop me a note in my forum.